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Applications: The Shopping Cart program has wide possibilities.

Order Books from Outdoor Adventures Bookstore:

Qty: 50 Best Short Hikes in California Deserts
by Krist, 205 pages with Photos, Illus, & Maps,
Price: $12.95
This book introduces you to the best of the day hikes in and around Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Mojave National Preserve.

Qty: Adventuring in the Rockies
by Schmidt, 332 pages with Photos, Illus, & Maps
Price: $15.00
Stretching from the northern reaches of British Columbia and Alberta through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado to the high desert country of New Mexico, the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

Qty: American Discovery Trail Guide
by Lukel, 122 pages with Photos, Illus, & Maps
Price: $14.95
No trail does it better! The American Discovery Trail combines the nest of the backcountry with jaunts through small towns and big cities and captures the diversity of landscape and experience that is the United States.

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